Kink? No, That’s Just Me


It’s rather amusing to hear men say they think someone is kinky, dirty or naughty. It’s amusing to me anyway. I think what they are really saying is that they have found someone who has done something different to their last partner – something who has upped the sex game.

For years I have enjoyed spanking, wearing stockings and suspenders and finding myself enjoying sex in the oddest of places. I have been called dirty and kinky but to me? It isn’t. I am just a very sexually active woman who enjoys doing it how I like it, what gives myself and my partner pleasure is of utmost importance. I am not greedy and I enjoy pleasuring the other person because of course, if the chemistry is right then you will enjoy that pleasure too. I am sure we have all been on our knees just wishing he could get it over with? Yes ladies? Finding the right person to do these things with and finding new and interesting ideas to try out is really important. Someone who you can feel safe and comfortable with is paramount. So, I encourage you to stop reading your erotic books, stop walking past that sex shop in Soho and buy those knickers you keep looking at – it’s not kink. It’s you. But above this, use it for yourself, wear those knickers in work, feel sexy inside and not just for the male gaze. Dance in your stockings and suspenders at home, use that paddle on your own bottom and enjoy time alone too. Sex isn’t just about being with another, it is about finding yourself and being the sensual being you want to be. It isn’t kink. It is your true sexual self. Believe me…you will thank me one day.


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